Dear Reader,

It’s my privilege to have you here. It feels great to have someone listening to you, something that’s very rare in this fast-paced life of ours.

At times, there is an irresistible force that forces us to bare our heart.

‘The Heart Talks’ is just that – a lifestyle blog!

Life is a funny thing. We are all so independent, yet fettered by intangible forces. I remember, when I was a teenager, I had this absolute freedom to express myself. I could literally say what I felt. But then, things changed. Today, we need to be meticulous with our words and thoughts. We, no longer, have the leeway to say what we feel. Fortunately enough, we have other ways to express pent-up emotions. This blog is one of them.

I believe,

“Love, loss, loneliness, and then hope – sustain life.”

And so, I write about love, life, and the forces that drive us. I am inquisitive about understanding people’s behaviour and try to decipher why people behave the way they do.

However, my thoughts are just my perspective. They might or might not sound okay to you. And I whole-heartedly respect your opinion.

As you navigate through different pages of this blog, I hope my words will at least make you introspect, if not leave a lasting impact.

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Happy Reading!